We all have those days… the days when we feel blue. I just had a one of those times few days ago when I just did not have the strength to do anything. I was feeling sad, beaten down and overwhelmed. In this blog post I share my SOS cure list with you. That very list I have, helps me to get out of that hole of sorrows.

But first, it’s totally normal to feel that way. And it’s ok that we do feel low every once in a while. That’s life! How else would we be able to know when we are high on life? How else could we appreciate the times when everything is going smoothly? The times when we receive compliments at work, when your loved ones are acting normal and when you are happy with yourself.

Whenever I am feeling down, I let myself feeling down for a while. I use that time to fully wallow in self-pity. I call it “power sulk”.  I am bathing in my bad feelings and let myself feel all those things as much as I can, as long as I need to. When I feel like crying, I cry. When I feel like screaming, I scream. When I feel like being alone, I tell people to leave me alone. I am fully aware of what I am feeling and I try to feel it as intensively as I can. This way, I can let it all out and feel what needs to be felt. I am also taking advantage of this time and try to understand why I feel that way and where those feelings come from and just allow myself to feel them. To me, it is like a cleansing process where all those feelings that have to get out finally can come out.

So I let myself be in that “depressed” state for a while before I take my SOS cure list in order to feel better again. Sometimes, one hour power sulk is enough, sometimes it takes several days in a row. It’s important not to beat yourself up for feeling low. We already feel low, we don’t need ourselves pointing fingers at us because we do. We should try to treat us like our best friend would treat us. We should treat ourselves with empathy instead with a judging eye.During and shortly after a power sulk, it’s like having horse blinders on. I forget what would help me to crawl out of my of negativity hole which is why I have my SOS cure list written down on my phone so it is always accessible to me. It helps me every single time. So here it is:

- Singing out loud (this way I can scream out all the tension that I have built up)

- Jogging/Walking (I run the fastest when I need to blow off some steam)

- Journaling (writing down what really bothers me helps because sometimes we tend to not think our thoughts through. When writing our thoughts down we have to form whole sentences and finish our thoughts. It also helps to see everything more neutral and to see it from a distance)

- Watching Sex and the City (those series are like a bible to me, helps every time)

- Playing the piano (takes me to another world and forget about everything)

- Talking with friends (they can hold a mirror up which helps to reflect)

Of course this is my very own list and it most likely won’t work if you copy paste it. Instead, try to pay attention to all those times when you were or are happy. What were/are you doing? Jot it down on your own list and keep it handy. Even though I have read my list over and over again, when I’m feeling blue, I cannot recall the things that would help me feeling better. And when I choose an activity from my list, it just works… I did not come up with my SOS cure list over night by the way. It was a process over a few months. I wrote down one activity one day, some weeks later another and so on. Be patient and be alert for your happy moments, it is worth it.

In case your own SOS cure list won’t work, try to smile or act as if you’re happy in general. Interestingly, it is scientifically proven that if you just act as if you’re happy and smile that you actually become happy. By using the “laughter muscles” your brain thinks that you’re happy and produces more happy hormones.

Nothing can keep you in your negativity hole now… :) Have fun with your own SOS cure list!

All the best,