People sometimes ask me how I manage to stay happy and positive all the time. Well, I am not… But it’s true that my smile rarely leaves me. How come?

I think it has something to do with my little book that I call my "Glücksbüechli" (gratitude book in Swiss German). Since 2007 I write down my happy moments as well as things and people I am grateful for in this book. Sometimes it's a goal I have reached and that I'm proud of. Most of the time it's little things that made me happy such as a compliment I received or a deep conversation with a dear friend.

10 years of Glücksbüechli-writing seems like a looong time. Studies have shown that your brain pattern already changes, if you take 2 minutes each day for 21 days in a row and write down what you're grateful for. Your brain starts to scan the world for the positive rather than the negative. Also, if you write something down that made you happy, it's like reliving it. For your brain it's the same impulse of actually being happy or grateful in the moment or just thinking about it again and writing it down. It's like happy moments are 50% off :) Have 1 happy moment, be happy twice :) Isn't that just awesome to know?

My last fun fact for today: If your brain is in a positive state, it's 37% more productive than it is in a neutral or negative state. For all of you who want to know more, the following ted talk of Shawn Achor covers it all:

At the last TEDx event in Zurich Dmitry Golubnichy presented the 100 happy days challenge (

A good friend and I tackled the challenge and shared moments that we're grateful for and that made us happy every day for 100 days. We also reminded each other if one of us forgot to write it down and the challenge was a bonding time for us too.

Only good things come with a Glücksbüechli. Happy Glücksbüechli-writing for all of you!